Hiya! I’m Yen 🙂

Born in Malacca, Malaysia, I moved to NZ with my family at the age of 4.

I absolutely love noodles and soups. My favourite dish is wantan mee from Malacca. Despite all the amazing food we’ve eaten, it still tops my all time favourite food list.

I really enjoy travelling but I have terrible motion sickness so I tend to be a bit of a munter getting to our destinations!

Originally I was too shy to be on camera, opting more to be our camera woman but over time I got use to being in front of it too. I manage all our platforms like this website, our Instagram, FacebookYouTube community and even our Tiktok too. I review all of Peter’s editing and also create our YouTube thumbnail images (not the very first few though, those were Peter’s handy work!). More recently I’ve been helping with editing our videos too by adding the finishing touches like animations, text, and colour-grading work.

Learn about my hubby Peter next 🙂