Our Story

We’re a Kiwi Asian couple who make YouTube videos for fun πŸ™‚

Peter was born in Shanghai, China and me (Yen), Malacca, Malaysia. We moved to New Zealand with our families when we were very little kids. We met each other in university through a mutual friend and we’ve been stuck together like sticky rice pretty much ever since.

Well before we even knew each other though, we both had a highly ambitious goal and that was to be able to retire at a young age. Through many years of hard work, diligently saving and careful planning, we achieved that goal together when we were 33. We sold our home, left our jobs and embarked on our life of freedom and full-time travelling.

We’re both acutely aware that time isn’t guaranteed to anyone so we’ve always worked hard to live our lives the way we want and are grateful for each day we’re blessed with. Leaving our comfort zones, exploring other cities and countries opened us up to amazing new life experiences and we hope our videos inspires others to do the same. 

Our motto is that time is precious, life is far too short to be living anyone else’s dream but your own.

A few years ago we started making YouTube videos as it gave us a fun and creative outlet for us to share our experiences and memories with friends and family. Perhaps even others around the world too if they happened to stumble across our channel. We enjoyed it so much that we’ve been doing it ever since!